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M3d Free Finite Element Software.

Download the M3d free Finite Element Modeller Here

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The M3d Finite Element modeller was not initially designed as a general Finite Element  modelling tool and as such, at present, does not offer all the functionality of a commercial package. The whole essence of M3d is that it can be rapidly customised  to provide a bespoke software solution to a particular Engineering process. 

The benefits of using an M3d software solution over a commercial general software package are:-

No license fee, you own the solution.
Rapid software development.
You get a software solution which exactly fits your needs.
Extremely fast executing, saving you man hours on repetitive tasks.

The main uses of an M3d software solution have been:-

Automate repetitive modelling tasks.
Provide new analysis methods (mainly composites).
Data extraction and manipulation.
Provide software interfaces for Excel


Recently added 3d Beam Element, Rod Element and Reissner-Mindlin Plate Elements.

M3d is written in object orientated C++ and this makes is easily adaptable for solving bespoke problems. The code is totally self contained and has no reliance on third party modules.

The Finite Element modeller also has an API interface which means it can be driven remotely from an Excel workbook to automate repetitive tasks. It also retains a command line input so can also simply  be driven by cutting and pasting a text file of commands.



Caseing Modelled in M3d

M3d has a wide range of general modelling tools for the creation of surface and finite element models. 

Modeller Features include:-

OpenGL rendering

Dynamic Viewing

Wireframe Drawing Tools

Finite Element Modelling Tools

Surfacing Tools

Finite Element Solver

Ideas Universal File Import

Nastran Import

Limited IGES Import (WIP)

Finite Element Assembly Modelling

Automation API interface.

M3d also has a finite element solver for the development of bespoke process solutions.

Elements include:-

2d serendipity linear  quad and tri elements.

2d serendipity linear axi-symetric quad element.

3d serendipity tetrahedral, wedge and brick elements.

Beam & rod finite elements.

3d Mindlin plate.


Finite Element model with sectorial symmetry demonstrating newly added local DOF coordinate systems.


Download the M3d Free Finite Element Software here.

Modelled in M3d


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